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    Not everyone can run a marathon*. You did it? Let the world know! Someone you know did it? Throw them a pillow! Either way, somebody’s gonna need a nap!

    WHITE LINE pillows are hand screened with a vintage feel. The ink density is intentionally varied with each print, making every pillow one-of-a-kind. We toss them in the wash to enhance the look of wear, and tuck a black grommet in the corner for a functional industrial detail.

    White covers are 100% bleached cotton canvas; our natural cotton is unbleached.The inserts are a cozy feather/down blend. 

    All covers have been laundered and are made to go in the wash. We recommend cold or warm water. Tumble dry, removing while still a tiny bit damp to reduce wrinkling.

    * Why 26.2?? At the 1908 Olympic Games in London the course was extended from 25 miles to 26.2, allegedly to accommodate the British royal family. As the story goes, Queen Alexandra requested that the race start on the lawn of Windsor Castle (so the littlest royals could watch from the window of their nursery, according to some accounts) and finish in front of the royal box at the Olympic stadium—a distance that happened to be 26.2 miles (26 miles and 385 yards). The random boost in mileage ending up sticking, and in 1921 the length for a marathon was formally standardized at 26.2 miles (42.195 kilometers).—History.com

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